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Leisure Centre Re-Development to reduce Squash Courts

Dear members and squash players, like many Harrow residents you may be unaware that the council has plans to redevelop the Leisure Centre site and Byron Hall.

There has been a consultation period inadequately advertised and following its completion earlier this year they are seeking your views on the “master plan”.

The “master plan” has a mention of two squash courts and a mention that this

As a consequence of this development the facilities for squash currently accommodate two squash courts. Unbeknowns

urrent plans shall reduce ouncil shall be providing t

he new facilities

 lop ae thyat bhe Leisure Centre consultation period closes on July 31st 2017. The plans for redevelopment are

Harrow Squash Club and coaching staff are extremely proud of Meha’s achievement in reaching England No. 1

Meha has worked extremely hard, always given 100% and her training partner, big sis Anya shares the credit as she played an important part in setting the bar high and pushing her all the way.

We look forward to more successes from Meha and Anya in the future.

Chair, Tony